Sunday, October 11, 2015


As a Women's Heath Physical Therapist, I am in a unique position to help women facing a variety of issues. I am frequently asked, why didn't my doctor ever tell me about you/ this treatment/ physical therapy? Unfortunately, women's health physical therapy (also known as pelvic floor physical therapy) is not yet routinely prescribed. Many women suffer needlessly, thinking that their condition is normal, or cannot be helped. When symptoms become more severe, they go from doctor to doctor, until they finally get an appropriate referral, or until they find a women's health PT through their own research.

And so, I have been helping these women, one at a time, but the general state of awareness is still sorely lacking. I decided it's time to make a difference on a larger scale. Did you know that pelvic floor physical therapy is standard care in France? Every woman that gives birth gets 6 visits of pelvic floor physical therapy (or physiotherapy, as it is called in European countries). Why is that not the standard here? Now I speak at community events to promote awareness. But hey, it's 2015, why not use social media? Keep your eyes open for upcoming posts!

I invite you to join me in my initiative! Tell your friends! Invite them to follow my blog! I welcome your comments and ideas on how to spread the word!

In the meantime, you can learn more about what I do by:

See you soon!
Dr. Rivka 

P.S. You may have noticed that I refer to myself as a women's health physical therapist and not a pelvic floor physical therapist. While pelvic floor physical therapy is the more vogue term, I have chosen to limit my practice to women's health issues, and to not limit my practice to pelvic floor dysfunction. The reason for this is that I love helping women! As a female, wife, mother, and careerwoman, I have a deep appreciation for being able to relate to all types of women, using my personal and professional experience in dealing with sensitive and complex issues, thereby enabling them to achieve their personal goals.

About the Author

Dr. Rivka Friedman, PT, MS, DPT has been helping women since 2008. She holds a doctorate degree in Physical Therapy and has taken numerous courses with the American Physical Therapy Association Section on Women's Heath, among other specialty training courses and residency training. Utilizing a holistic approach, she has helped many women suffering from pelvic floor dysfunction, bladder and bowel problems, pelvic pain, and pregnancy & postpartum related issues. Passionate about her profession, Dr. Friedman lectures in the community to promote awareness about the various women's health issues that she addresses. Dr. Friedman is frequently sought out by patients and professionals alike for her expert knowledge and compassionate care.​ She currently practices in Miami, FL. For her complete CV, visit her LinkedIn page.

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